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Bio Like Beyoncé

The Diy guide that’ll take your bio from stagnant…to stage ready.

Bio Like Beyoncé
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Bio Like Beyoncé is an instant, downloadable PDF guide lovingly hacked up into Three sections:

Section 1 is ~ An education on what a bio should be, what it should do, and what you can actually get away with (turns out, a lot) if you tell your story right. This section is emphatically designed to make you think, “Oh daaaaaaamn…I get it now!”

Section 2 is ~ A list of SIX bio writing concepts - also Beyoncé lyrics - that inspire authorship instead of contradictory, do-this-not-that rules that leave you confused and too stifled to even begin.

And speaking of how to begin…

Section 3 is ~ FIVE steps that not only get you writing, but get you identifying what your story is and how to connect it to what you do.

But what’s also included is:

  • MAJOR clarity on foggy concepts like “vulnerability” - what’s too vulnerable and what’s not vulnerable enough - and what it means to be “unique.”

  • A link to a music video that maybe you’ve seen, maybe you haven’t, but regardless - it’s going to take on all new significance as it prepares you to CRUSH this writing project. Also, heads up…you might want to get yourself a (faux) fur coat.

  • THE WORLD’S GREATEST, MOST PERFECT EXAMPLE of an impressively shitty bio vs. an absolutely stunning one. I don’t know about you, but give me a good example to keep my eye on, and I can do a lot of damage…

    In fact, how about a teaser of the shitty bio:

“Hi! my name is Beyoncé. I am a talented singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, businesswoman and proud mother of a baby girl plus a set of twins. But I’m here to tell you that, no matter how famous you are, you can still go through tough times. For example, I hit rock bottom the day I found out…”

Still awake? You see, even Beyoncé looks pitiful on paper if she isn’t positioned right.

The truth is this - the Internet is a monumental hog pile of lame, how-to-write-a-bio advice and underwhelming, ineffective About pages because we keep forgetting that we’re in charge of our narrative now and we don’t have to adhere to stuffy/corporate/cutesy formats to get the job.

We can say so much more about ourselves and mean so much more to each other as a result…if only we dare to.

Are you ready to not only embark on what one buyer calls “the most proud, passionate, real single piece of writing” of your life, but also to finally finish your bio?

Let’s do this:

Bio Like Beyoncé
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