Bio Like Beyoncé

Bio Like Beyoncé


Let’s take your About page from stagnant…to STAGE WORTHY.

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The Internet has a jackpot of lame how-to-write-a-bio advice (just Google it! CHA-CHING!!) not to mention its monumental hog pile of underwhelming, ineffective About page examples, which is why Bio Like Beyoncé was created — to toss all that debris in the wood chipper where it belongs. And to prove that not only do you have a story to tell (as apposed to a series of random facts to list), but…

You can tell any story you want if you tell it right.

The Bio Like Beyoncé micro course explains what an effective bio does, what it is, and how it should BEHAVE. It tackles tricky concepts like “vulnerability” (are you worried about being too vulnerable or not vulnerable enough?) and “originality” (Think your story isn’t interesting? I beg to differ). It gives a list of principles to hold in your head while writing, so you aren’t confused, you’re calm and steady. It pumps your I-can’t-do-this attitude with steroids, so you start thinking, I’m going to crush this.

Plus, it provides the PERFECT example of a shit bio vs. a heart-searingly gorgeous one (my favorite part), so you have a prototype to keep your eye on.

And it has exercises at the end to get you generating ideas, helping you identify the one story out of all your stories that you NEED to tell for your business.

Between the exercises, the sample, the attitude adjustment, and the cannon ball of insight I’m going to launch at you, you’ll be able to tell the story that suits you (and your business and brand) confidently, while taking your bio from stagnant…to STAGE READY.