What a Heroically Viscous Bio Will Do For You and Your Audience (Note: THIS IS IMPORTANT)

Okay so here’s the deal: Neither me nor my business is new to this rodeo, but THE BLOG definitely is - JANUARY 2019 is the first time I’ve opened said blog and posted, and I’ll tell you why because I’m positive you’ll relate, assuming you weren't humbly sipping tea all last year in a zen monastery contemplating the migratory patterns of geese:


Show of hands?...Anyone else?

What happened is that on the very tail end of 2017, my business EX-PLOD-ED!!! (in a giant piñata filled with King Size Snickers and a few molotov cocktails kind of way) which means there was a galaxy of bios to write, processes to establish, designs to enhance, prices to upgrade, and my ass was smashed in a chair the entire time (**Note - I now have very muscular typing fingers, but my legs have atrophied. Should I add that to my dating profile?), except for recently when I up and moved to another state - hellooooo Portland, Oregon!

Also, my beloved old, crusty truck that belonged to my dad broke down in the library parking lot. But that was technically in 2019, so already we’re off to a courageous new start where there’s more relinquishing of what no longer works the way it used to.

So this is the perfect spot to say - Happy Freakin’ New Year!!! (And/or if it’s no longer January - Welcome to my blog where you’ll find THE BEST INFORMATION ABOUT BIOS/ABOUT PAGES ON THE INTERNET!!) No matter the state of affairs, we’re stupid lucky to be here because not everyone gets to be, and we deserve a little window to reassess and declare our resolutions (whether we stick to them or not).

But while we’re all dusting the cobwebs off of last year’s abandoned aspirations or reaching for our cosmic destiny or erasing our nasty habits or maybe finally writing our bios, there’s something I want you to know: 

Your personal story - that historical shit show starring the person you once used to be - contains answers as to who you’ve become.

People always question me about bios, “What do I say?!” “Which story is the best one to tell?!” “How do I explain all this complicated stuff?!”

It’s like, after all these years of living, we’re asking, “Who am I really and what am I about!?!?”

A gripping and gorgeous bio is going to answer that question for your reader.

And it’s also going to answer that question for yourself.

Listen, this bio thing, A.K.A. this writing-about-yourself thing, A.K.A. this creative identity thing -- this is something we have to reiterate and evolve and establish regularly. So stay with me because you, dear reader, are officially part of my New Year and we have TONS to talk about (including the book that's going to tell you everything you need to know about writing a heroic, beautiful - and very different - bio), now that I’m not stress grinding my teeth to bloody nubs and making late night deals with Satan in an attempt to get things done.

Thank you so much for being here. Stay healthy. Stay sane. And don't sell your soul just yet.

Caroline Mays