Bio Samples

Read it and weep.


Paul P., Engineer

Excerpt 1

"But after a year and a half working as an engineer in San Francisco, an artisan will take another minute to self correct, say "fuck it," and move to a small town where he can afford to buy a 49,000 dump to call home."


Jannette L., Image consultant

Excerpt 2

"Say you and I got in cahoots - there could be some items in your closet worth repurposing. But, if you really want to burn a few things when we're done, I'll bring the matches. Besides...the sparks match the ones behind my eyes.


Frances A., Dietitian

Excerpt 3

"I didn't have a spiritual awakening at Burning Man. Alas, there were no visitations by a half naked man in coyote skins asking me riddles.

It was hard science that inevitably healed me."


Debby H., Writing Coach

Excerpt 4

"It's a bizarre, sort of backward winning lottery ticket when you're brought into the world a porcelain, pigmentless baby.

I mean, nobody wishes they'd been born albino. Absolutely nobody."