A killer bio doesn't tell people who you are...it shows them what you're made of.
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The most distinguishable, unforgettable quality you have is the story that made you. How you tell that story matters. For the sake of your business. Your brand...

Your identity.

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 A bio so good, you could make it a movie. Watch this.



Switchblade Lemonade - a defiantly unorthodox bio & writing salon - is the result of one writer's bullheaded insistence that paragraphs crammed with titles, accolades, and facts we hope sound good on paper are not only a boring square we're trying to squeeze ourselves into.

It's a (coffin shaped) box we're expected to lie down in.

This explains why writing about the self is so difficult - conformity is awkward. Stiff. Dead on the inside. But a story like the robust, complicated, often feral thing you're packing around?

It's very much alive - and it hates the confines of tight spaces.


With aggressive creativity, intelligent observation, and unapologetic audacity, we unleash a truer, bolder, irresistibly compelling bio (or mini-biography) that sells our work, instead of writing an uninspired, predictable one that notoriously sells us short. Because playing small and doing things everyone else's way was never a reason to show up.

In fact, owning who we really are is the whole reason we're here.

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Five Stars, Five Thumbs up!!! I’m so damn happy with my new bio. Obsessed would be the word. The entire process was seamless and I love how Caroline knows the questions to ask to tell the story you’ve been wanting to tell your whole life.
— Judi Holler, Fear Expert and Pro Speaker
I LOVE my bio! Even more than I thought I possibly could. You gleaned everything important about my work and life (which are so intertwined) and wove the most beautiful piece of writing that just tells my story so accurately and movingly. I just L O V E it. You are a master craftsman and I’m so thrilled to have had your skills at work for me.
— Elisa Sheehan, Master Painter
My bio is phenomenal! I loved the process it put me through to find out which of my million threads actually make the most compelling story. I can’t stop sharing it with people. It makes them understand my passion, where my values live and why I am creating all of the things; be it my branding business, my collaborative online community, the ethical marketing movement or my own creative projects... they all connect at the heart of my story - which you told so, so beautifully. It’s equal parts bold, authentic and raw - it pulls my people forward to go on this journey with me. The process itself was incredibly empowering and made me look at my life through a whole new lens. I can’t thank you enough!
— Alice Karolina Smith, Brand Architect